A B O U T   U S

Skylanes, Inc. closed its doors at the end of 2008. Located in Lincoln, RI at North Central State Airport (SFZ), it was a family-owned and operated business that had flourished for decades as a premier institution for quality flight training in the Southern New England area.

The Flying School®, a registered trademark of Skylanes, was a distinction that had become the cornerstone of the school: an "institution" of aviation history in the state of Rhode Island. Over the years, Skylanes, Inc. provided flight instruction for aviators in nearly every facet of the aviation industry.

Skylanes was founded in 1930 by
Sabatino “Sabbie” Ludovici.

Today, we honor the achievements of this remarkable flight school and we remember the many fine hours of flight instruction provided by both Sabatino "Sabbie" Ludovici and by his son, Joe Ludovici, as well as by all the other flight instructors who trained generations of students over the years.